Tube Shape Dress-up Carousel by Guidecraft

Tube-Shape-Dress-up-Carousel-by-Guidecraft Tube Shape Dress-up Carousel by Guidecraft Wardrobe tube shape pastel in color Mirror dress-up clothes storage carousel additional drawers Tube shape with beautiful pastel finishing color, that’s Tube Shape Dress-up Carousel by Guidecraft. This wardrobe features a hanging area and eight storage cubby’s which give you enough space to store all your stuff. This hanging area may be your store of any coat, scarves, hat, jacket, any many others. While the storage cubby’s may be your additional storage for your small thing like shoes, make-up, jewelry, and many others. Not only spacious storage serve by this wardrobe, but it includes two mirrors to your kids saw them self while primping. Made of sustainable wood, this storage wardrobe is sturdy and durable for your kids.

Tube Shape Dress-up Carousel by Guidecraft, BUY HERE!

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