Kids Sports Soccerball Bean Bag

Kids-Sports-Soccerball-Bean-Bag Kids Sports Soccerball Bean Bag  kids seating Bean Bags

This “Kid’s Sports Soccerball” bean bag doesn’t have to be loved by a football mania, anyone who sees it can love it. Our kids however, will roll it, throwing it or taking it all over the house. this product is durable, long lasting and wouldn’t flat or loosing its stiffness after a year. Well, it is not stiff however, it is soft but i would maintain its shape after a year of “torture” by kids.

Like other bean bag, it is nice to use as a seating for watching TV or playing games. The sizes are 31 x 22 x 31 inches, not too big or too small when your kids grow, The weight is 4.3 pounds which is handy even for children. The bean bag is durable with double stitched with double overlap folded seam. This kids soccer bean bag also has double zippered bottom for added security. Moreover, this Kid’s Sports Soccerball bean bag is easy to clean.


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