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Elegance Room Design With Panda Theme

Kids Bedroom with Panda Theme


Kids Bedroom with Panda Theme

Creating a kid’s bedroom with panda theme is not quite common, but this theme is still cute and adorable. The first thing we usually think about is black and white colors will dominate the room, it can be true but this kids room with panda theme is not quite black and white.

Kids' Bedroom Design Ideas with Panda-Themed Furniture

Two of the rooms pictured here feature green wall to remind about green bamboo forest and since kids love colors, you can use others bright colors with panda theme too. Important items to consider are probably the picture of panda, bamboo and panda-themed furniture and accessories. You can use any shape or picture that reminds about panda for the headboard,  the bedding set, or panda dolls or clocks. The first room here has panda foot pictures on the closet and bamboo patterns for the pillow cases. But, just like any other kids bedroom theme, creating kid’s room with panda theme will cheers up the interior and make the room looks special. Pinterest

Panda-Themed Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Elegance Room Design With Panda Theme

Panda-Themed Kids Bedroom

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