Custom Contemporary Children Bedroom Furniture

Custom-Contemporary-Child-Bedroom-Furniture-by-Space-architects-+-planers-500x396 Custom Contemporary Children Bedroom Furniture Kids Bunk Bed Kids Bedroom kids bed room kids bed

This custom contemporary children bedroom furniture is a part of a house renovation located in Chicago. The renovation and the creation of the bedroom furniture were done by Chicago-based SPACE Architects + Planners. Featuring small steps just above the storage areas, it is quite simple to reach the upper bed. The storage areas are quite generous and are divided in various locations, so each kid may has his own storage spaces. The featured bunk beds are quite simple in design and colors but also cool to look at. This simplicity is a good point for any limited space.

Having our children bedroom furniture customized can be a great idea since we can adapt our needs and limitations better. We can precisely shaped the furniture according to the available space and the shape of the space like corners, slanted surfaces and others. You could design and create your kid’s  furniture yourself, the bunk bed photo above shows that a simple design can be really beautiful. But sure, if you don’t have the time or skill to do so, you could ask designer or architect to create the custom furniture for you.

Whatever the option you may choose, creating custom contemporary / modern children bedroom furniture would be satisfying since you could always create anything you and your kids want and need. SPACE Architects + Planners.

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