Modern Single Bed for kids “SIMPLE” Collection

modern-Single-Bed-SIMPLE-collection Modern Single Bed for kids "SIMPLE" Collection Wooden Wheels Sympathies Stable Construction Slider Sleep Children Sleep Single Bed Reputable Company Quality Polyurethane Polyurethane Foam Piece Of Furniture Mattress Size High Quality Four Colors Fabric Comfortable Place Bunk Bed Beds Bed Mattress

Next to the bed and bunk slider is the third piece of furniture in the collection SIMPLE intended to sleep and rest. Single bed (unlike in the case of these two beds) was designed based on mattress size 180×80 cm. Can function as a standalone piece of furniture can also be compiled with a bunk bed, creating a comfortable place to sleep for two children. Lightweight, but the extremely stable construction, the characteristic wooden wheels, sail occurring in four colors and mattress size 180x80cm are the basic defining characteristics of single bed, “SIMPLE”.

NOTE: The mattress is sold separately. Made of high quality polyurethane foam, cloth optional fabric sympathies ITALVELLUTI reputable company.

Main features:

  • original designfeatures,
  • wooden wheelscompactsafe,
  • rounded cornersmultifunctionality

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